An open place

We work collaboratively embracing all participants interested in information and communication technologies.

About us

ATICMA is an association engaged in grouping ICT freelancers, entrepreneurs, businesses and universities in Mar del Plata and surroundings to work together. Our open and collaborative work fosters participation and close cooperation.

In ATICMA we strive to strengthen smart creativity and innovation through technology, facilitating growth and development of the ICT sector.



To improve competitiveness, to promote knowledge-industries and to foster sustainable growth of the ICT sector through collaborative work among enterprises, entrepreneurs, education, technology and science institutions, and the State.



  • To position Mar del Plata as a regional and international reference point for IT development.
  • To encourage new technology-based initiatives, strengthening the local entrepreneurial environment.
  • To improve business competitiveness.
  • To foster the use of information and communication technologies among enterprises, individuals, institutions and the State as a tool to improve productivity and quality of life.

Executive committe

Chairman:  Mariano Lerner

Vice chairman: Alejandro Ortiz
Secretary:  Bernardo Martínez
Treasurer:  Jorge Rodríguez
Permanent Councilor: Adrián Bruno
Permanent Councilor: Luis Buffoni
Permanent Councilor: Rodrigo Espinosa
Temporary Councilor: Nicolás Batista
Temporary Councilor: Renato Rossello
Temporary Councilor: Guillermo Grimalt
Permanent Auditor: Fernando Unzué
Temporary Auditor: Gustavo Bacigalupo