Improving competitiveness

Through SPC, we seek to strengthen the ICT sector in Mar del Plata and surroundings.

What is SPC?

SPC -Support Program for the Competitiveness of Micro, Small, and Medium Sized Enterprises (MSMEs)- is one of the programs within the Secretariat of Entrepreneurs and SMEs seeking to strengthen the SME sector and to consolidate a federal network for entrepreneurs.

It is a publicly funded tool aimed at developing and strengthening the associative performance of MSMEs through non-reimbursable contributions.

As a result of a strategic alliance created with the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB), SPC provides Argentinean MSMEs with resources to improve competitiveness and to generate more added value to the domestic sector.


How does the program work for a cluster?

Business clusters are inter-connected enterprises and institutions interacting with one another with the purpose of developing a product or service they have in common.

SPC has been incorporated to strengthen business-cluster competitiveness by funding initiatives oriented to exceed collective needs. SPC ensures that member enterprises achieve a sustained growth in terms of volume, scale, knowledge and technologies, developed and applied to products and services.


Which are the objectives of the ICT sector in Mar del Plata and surroundings?

Through SPC, we seek to achieve the following challenges:

  1. To build a physical place operating as a unit for support, development, guidance and technology updating, all of which bringing about a joint development of clusters and leading to the creation, establishment and strengthening of innovative enterprises.
  2. To foster business growth of the sector through an increasing use of ICT to achieve the following actions: improving cluster competitiveness, redirecting enterprises towards new market niches and causing a spillover effect upon other productive sectors.
  3. To support the development and visibility of business clusters by placing them into local, national and international scales.
  4. To foster training activities that support cluster growth. For that purpose, business strategies and new technologies will be combined with specialized HR training, and local universities will be closely connected.
  5. To strengthen the connection among other productive sectors and regional industries.

Sector needs can be met through the following development-oriented actions: creating a Services Center through which strategies and actions arising from the competitiveness-improvement plan can be implemented; designing an integral marketing plan; identifying and meeting training needs; and making connections with other regional productive sectors.


Esp. Ing. Pablo Miozzi
Manager – Competitiveness Support Program
ICT Cluster – General. Pueyrredon District