Why you should become a partner

Join us to contribute to the strengthening of the local ICT sector and obtain a lot of benefits.

ATICMA’s members contribute to the positioning and development of the ICT sector in Mar del Plata and surroundings. We believe that together we can create bigger ideas and obtain better achievements.


As a partner of our association you can:

  • Contribute to the development of the sector, improving your business positioning.
  • Obtain a greater visibility for your brand and business (through ATICMA´s web page, press, and special activities).
  • Be connected to other enterprises (within this sector and other industries) that foster the creation of new business opportunities.
  • Get involved in commercial missions (local, international and reverse).
  • Achieve representativeness and connect to governments, universities and I+D groups.
  • Use ATICMA’s offices and facilities.
  • Obtain free access or special prices to networking events, trainings, workshops and other activities.
  • Get information of interest about the sector, news about ATICMA, business opportunities, events, etc.
  • Have access to benefits related to ATICMA-CESSI (Software and Computer Services Chamber) connection.


Join us and contribute to our work commissions to foster the industry.


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